Like life, one day the ocean's waves are hard and relentless, the next they are smooth and gentle.

Surfing Salone documents a group of local young surfers from Sierra Leone in search of perfect waves. Struggling with the consequences of a civil war and an epidemic of a deadly virus they run the only surf club of Sierra Leone. Having surfed no other wave than their home break, they embark on a road trip to find their dream in Liberia.

They find waves and their Liberian surf brothers. But is it what they were dreaming of? A remarkable story of two beautiful nations and their people in the troubled West African region . 


The primary goal of the documentary is to inspire people all around the world. It's a very positive story and the film makers believe that positive stories will inspire others to do positive things too.

Secondary the intention of the documentary is to support the surf communities' activities:

  • develop eco tourism
  • growing the local surfers community
  • preservation of the ocean and beaches
  • education of local youth