Team Surfing Salone is expanding rapidly. More and more young surfers are riding the Bureh break. Besides the 19 local members of the BBSC, there are some driving forces behind the club. Soon you can read and see more about them on this web page.

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About the film makers

Gugi van der Velden (1981), Thijmen van der Poll (1985) and Floris Loeff (1980) are friends from Amsterdam. Their shared interests formed the ground swell to go and make this film. It's up to them to get the boys from Bureh riding the waves in front of the cameras. Inspired by the joy of the boys from Bureh they like to share their with the rest of the world.

Danny Noordanus (1982) and Magnus Endal (1983) complete the filming crew.

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Gugi has always been deeply moved and engaged by the power of stories. From the time he started making stopmotion films with his mother's 8mm camera he knew that storytelling and film in particular would become an integral part of his life. 

As a branding specialist he has been able to express his passion for storytelling, more recently his focus has been more on film. Working as a writer and director for a variety of projects: from feature film to music videos and documentaries to video art.

Thijmen has graduated from the Amsterdam Film Academy  in sound-design in 2012. Two of his academy productions were selected for the Sundance Film Festival, including his graduation film ‘Magnesium’. These two films are both fiction but he enjoyed making documentaries on the academy. During shooting you never know what will happen and it is always a surprise what will be created during post production.  

He can’t wait to shoot in Sierra Leone. This film is an adventure he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Let’s make it a beautiful one! 

Photo by Yo Zambelli

Photo by Yo Zambelli

Floris has lived in Sierra Leone for 5 months in 2013. He worked together with the people from John Obey at the Tribewanted eco-lodge. John Obey is the village next to Bureh Town. One day he discovered the waves and the boys from the BBSC. They quickly became close friends and surfed as much as they could together. 

On early mornings when the tide was right Jahbez would give Floris a wake up call and then he quickly ran over to hit the water together. After some 'bread and mayonaise' Floris would run back to John Obey and start his day at the eco-lodge. 

Inspired by the big smiles and their enthusiasm he decided to share the BBSC story and make a film about the surfers from Sierra Leone.

Danny Noordanus

Danny Noordanus

With filming, traveling and surfing as his passions, this is the ultimate project for Danny. Moved by the spirit of the Bureh surf club and hungry for some adventure, Danny joined the boys to shoot this documentary. "I think we can learn a lot from watching documentaries, it fills you with information and it opens your eyes. During this documentary I've learned that passion can bring you far, but you always have to be aware of what you already got."

Magnus Endal

Magnus Endal

Magnus is a passionate nurse, surfer and traveler (from Norway). He has worked in various African countries to support local health care. This way he discovered Bureh Beach and was, like Floris, directly sold. They met at the BBSC in 2013 and with Magnus his knowledge of Sierra Leone, friendship with the local surfers and qualities as a photographer it made complete sense to join the trip.