Stage 1: Big Tenki! Stage 2: new adventure

90 hours of film! The result of one month filming in Sierra Leone. What an adventure it was and still is. Everything included: camping on the beach, dreadful taxi drives, beautiful waves, community meetings, icy fine fines, friendly Immigration officers, less friendly immigration officers, local tea shops, dancing in the moonlight, swimming in the moonlight, challenging negotiation processes, overcrowded markets, a lot of hand washing, temperature checks, large beers, truckloads of pineapple and mango, river crossings, Afro beats, Bob Marley day, heavy rains, heavy roads, goats and dogs, dialogues and discussions, more negotiations, bread, eggs and mayonnaise, fresh coconuts, homesickness, big (surf) lessons, one broken hand, some minor infections, shirt parties, bbq’s and bonfires, huge swell and more beautiful waves.  Have patience! Photos will tell the story for now.

Before we move to the next adventure, the one called post production, we would like to give, also on behalf of the Bureh Beach Surf Club, a Big Big Tenki to our donators, our sponsors Bantu Wax, RP Travel, One of a kind travelWester & Verbeek Law attorneys, the communities of Bureh and Robertsport and Magnus Endal

Without you we could not have reached so far and without you we can’t finish the film. Keep supporting us, spread the word and spread the love.

No wallah,

The Surfing Salone crew.

Photos by Magnus Endal