Vote for Surfing Salone and the World of Tomorrow

The Surfing Salone crew is very happy to inform you that the project has entered the ASN (Dutch sustainable bank) World of Tomorrow competition and has been selected as one of the 10 best projects in the security and social cohesion category.

Until the 3rd of October you can give your vote to Surfing Salone. 

For the World of Tomorrow

For the World of Tomorrow

The first price of the competition is a €10.000 fee. Surfing Salone will use this money to finance the post production of the documentary and to support the Bureh Beach Surf Club in overcoming the current ebola outbreak.

The ASN World of Tomorrow website is in Dutch. You can vote by clicking the orange 'STEM' button and confirm (bevestigen) your vote via email. Here's the link to the voting website:

Big Tenki for supporting Surfing Salone

The Surfing Salone crew and BBSC