I AM SURF Film festival Amsterdam: 2nd edition

Less is more, but not coming Saturday (September 27) at the 2nd I AM SURF Film festival in Amsterdam. 

With 7 (!!) films in one night, DJ's, workshops, Q and A with film makers and of course food and drinks I AM SURF is seriously attempting to take good care of their audience. 

The program is very diverse and promising. Patagonia's ambassador Dan Malloy (we have seen him in Sliding Liberia) and his friends ride their bikes in Slow is Fast, a 1125 km  along the Californian coast. Expect some pure beauty and true joy.

In Beyond the Surface India's first and only female pro surfer, Ishita Malaviya, tries not only to surf as much waves as possible, but also likes to take off social change through surfing in her country. Sounds like a global film swell is approaching. Waves of Freedom is another film to look out for.

And really interesting must be the full feature documentary about the life of Australian's boy wonder, anti hero, activist and ordinary man Wayne Lynch in Unchartered Waters. We all struggle from time to time and sometimes a soul with a board just deserves his own movie. 

And this guy will be there to tell you something about the pictures he takes in life.

Get your tickets and have some fun!

The Surfing Salone crew.