It's all perfect!

Now and then we all tend to be perfect, we long for a perfect world. That counts for individuals, communities, organisations and sometimes even whole nations. Surfers just try to catch the perfect wave.

Here's some evidence from the African continent. 

O'neill, a perfect looking brand, are working together with Jordy Smith and 'Surfers not street children' foundation. Together they have created the perfect day.

The Economist has discovered that In Sierra Leone you can be a Christian and Muslim at the same time. Isn't that perfect?

I have experienced this myself when I was in Salone. Youngsters choose their own religion when they are 15, 16 years old. My former colleague Momoh visits both Church and Mosque and mixed marriages are not a problem at all.

Because God is like us perfect, on every street, and above all God is one.

God is One

God is One

And the always perfectly informed Time magazine thinks Mecca is in Liberia (if you are a surfer).

It doesn't get any better!

It's all perfect. Have a fine day!

Greetings from the Surfing Salone crew.