April fools and earning your own ticket

This morning the sun was definitely out again. After a nice run and shower I checked the Surfing Salone bank account and to my great surprise I discovered a six-figure number! 

A person named XXX has made the transaction and I thought: finally, a true philanthropist has crossed my path. This is what I’ve been longing for every night. Now I don’t have to stress about complicated costs estimations, don’t have to bug friends and companies for donations and discounts. Justice has made its way to the surface and making a film will be a walk through the park.

Four figures was 'all' I got, I guess it was very my own April fools.

Surf tix 1

Next I checked my inbox. A friend had sent me an article about the Lost Art of Surfer Movie Tickets and immediately my mind started wondering around again… How cool if Surfing Salone will ever make it into the cinemas. How cool if it will get its own special designed tickets and how cool if after some 50 years there are still people around who have a ticket of Surfing Salone…

surf movie tix

Ok, back to reality! It is April 1 and we are not in Sierra Leone yet. We need to work for that ticket. To do lists take control again: film equipment lists, breakdown sheets, scheduling production meetings, arranging visas, getting malaria pills, costs estimations, hiring an extra camera man, need fixers on location, translating, promotion and publicity, figuring the film characters, working the script, where do we buy a solid, but cheap generator and of course chasing friends and family for donations. Ahhhh, will we ever get ready?

Yes, we will! More and more donations are coming in and we get such positive emails and messages from people all around the world. That does motivate and imagining the smiles of the guys from Bureh Beach surfing their waves gives the last push. If the Ebola outbreak doesn’t impede our way in 3 weeks time we will start shooting in Sierra Leone and getting one step closer to that special designed film ticket! 

Enjoy the sun, keep dreaming and have a laugh about your own April fools.

 Floris and the Surfing Salone Crew