A surf documentary about one of West Africa's amazing countries: Sierra Leone

The Bureh Beach Surf Club in Bureh Town, set on the stunning Freetown Peninsula is  the first and only surf club of Sierra Leone. 

The club has 19 members and they are running the club in favour of Bureh Town community. Everything is done with a smile. As long as there are waves...

Have a look at our website, meet the boys, read and see more about Sierra Leone and support the documentary. 

Surfing Salone becomes Big Wata

The name of the documentary has officially changed into Big Wata. It means the ocean in Krio.

A teaser!

There's finally something to show! Two and a half minutes of images on our way to a full film. You'll here the voice of one of the town elders giving the Sierra Leone surfers a blessing just before their trip to Liberia. Many thanks to all the people who back this project.


Just wanted to share this promising Inertia article with you about the UNDP seeing surfing as a means to international development. 

Surfing as a sport has great potential for youth development.

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