Surfing Salone supports the development of surfing in Sierra Leone and Liberia 

Besides beautiful beaches the coastlines of Sierra Leone and Liberia share two unique projects in West Africa: a local community of surfers. In Bureh Town (SL) and Robertsport (Lib) local children and young adults learn how to surf, take care of their environments and sustain their communities by running a surf club. The waves are their school, playground and business. Surfing Salone tells the story of and supports both surfing communities. 

Surfing Salone becomes Big Wata

The name of the documentary has officially changed into Big Wata. It means the ocean in Krio.

A teaser!

There's finally something to show! Two and a half minutes of images on our way to a full film. You'll here the voice of one of the town elders giving the Sierra Leone surfers a blessing just before their trip to Liberia. Many thanks to all the people who back this project.


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